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Ini yang spesial! Stephen adalah teman baik my son, Bill’s. Stephen is a great guy – very intelligent, very curious, and incredibly patient. I know when he pings me for a question he’s probably already been up a sleepless night so I really enjoy helping him out.

Stephen’s blog should get very interesting over the next year as he travels to Germany. Germany is actually known for its kekurangan of bloggers. It’s nothing terrible – just culturally, the country tends to be social outside of media and private inside of social media. That’s probably a great lesson for the Americas and Asias to learn… we’ll text or email folks from across the room instead of emailing them!

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  1. Stephen, I really love how roomy your blog is. The style is very clean. You’re a pretty quiet guy but I know that you’ve got another side, too. I see it in your big gauge piercings and you listen to berkumpul! If you took off the picture of you, I wouldn’t ever imagine you having those piercings. I wonder how you could use that to somehow decorate your site to let folks know you’ve got a calm, premeditated side serta sisi kreatif (berteriak?). 🙂

    Mungkin semacam dekorasi di gambar latar tajuk? Lihat gambar latar belakang ini di pownce:
    Dekorasi Latar Belakang
    Apakah sesuatu seperti itu berhasil? di suatu tempat di latar belakang?

  2. Just a personal preference, but I’d take out the Digg markers. They fit nicely, but you’ve got pages and pages of goose eggs (zeros). I think it takes away from your posts more than it adds. Perhaps you can work up some magic and hide it on 0 and display it when it’s greater than 1? Showing rankings and stats provide readers with a sense that the blog or post is important. But having low rankings or stats can actually dissuade people from reading or subscribing!
  3. Saya menyebutkan plugin ini di yang lain tipping: To keep folks around, I’d recommend the Plugin Posting Terkait and put the related posts at the bottom of each of your posts. This way folks that find you via a Search Engine will read your posts and if they don’t find exactly what they need, they may stick around for additional articles that are on the same subject. This will also help with tautan dalam untuk Peringkat Mesin Pencari.
  4. Differentiate your posts with images. Images in posts tend to grab readers’ attention – especially if they are subscribed via a feed. Go through the trouble of finding a good picture or piece of clipart and posting it with the blog post. I would especially do this on your Must Download posts! A screenshot or logo of the software will grab someone’s attention. You also might want to crank up the font-weight of your blog post titles so they stand out a little heavier. When I scan your page, I find myself scanning over the titles (maybe that’s just me!)
  5. Oh – and I found an easy error to fix – your robots.txt file is pointing to a sitemap that doesn’t exist. The good news is that you have a sitemap! The bad news is that Google may not be crawling your site efficiently without it.
  6. Satu hal lagi… ada sesuatu yang kacau pada tautan di kiriman yang Anda pasang. Terkadang ketika Anda menyalin kode dari HTML itu kacau.

Enjoy, Stephen! I really had to look hard and be critical of your site. You’re doing a fantastic job!

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    Terima kasih banyak Doug! Saya memperbaiki tautan di posting saya. Itu ada hubungannya dengan tanda kutip.

    Bagaimanapun, saya sangat berterima kasih atas kritik Anda. Anda mungkin telah memperhatikan bahwa tidak ada banyak konten di blog saya akhir-akhir ini, tetapi sekarang saya memiliki semua pekerjaan yang harus dilakukan, itu akan membuat saya kembali ke jalurnya. Terima kasih lagi. Saya tidak ingin blog saya diberi tip oleh orang lain.

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