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Tippee saya berikutnya adalah Ryan yang menjalankan blog kewirausahaan, bernama Postingan Mandiri. The Self-Reliant Post adalah blog tentang bagaimana menghasilkan uang dengan bisnis rumahan online dan pemikiran lain yang terkait dengannya. (Saya mengambil kalimat terakhir dari Tentang Kami Halaman.)

Berikut Tips Blog Anda:

  1. Doh! Did I just get spammed? When I first noticed the domain name with all those hyphens, that’s the first thought that hit me. After I built up the nerve to click-through, I then found a reasonable site. I was worried first, though!

    You may want to seriously consider finding a new domain name. That said – there’s no need to lose any ranking you currently have. Simply start phasing out this domain and using a new one for your site. This is all my opinion, of course!

  2. There’s something funky going on with your style sheet. The footer is left aligned and the center (content) div doesn’t run the length of the page to the footer. I’m taking a guess, but I think you might have a rogue closing div mark around (>/div>) on your main page. Other pages seem to render correctly.
  3. Tata Letak MandiriHere’s a good one… did you know that Search Engines do not crawl all the content on a web page? They pull content from the top of the page to identify keywords and index them appropriately. If you want to have content drive your search engine placement, be sure to push content to the top of the page. In your layout, you actually put both sidebars before your content! Without hurting your theme at all, you should be able to move the content div above the sidebars and begin to index that content far more efficiently.
  4. You’ve done a nice job of identifying your feed address in your sidebar but I found a goof that could be hurting you! In your header there’s a set of alternate links that point to your RSS feed. Browsers use this alternate link to display the “RSS” button in them for you to subscribe easier. The problem is that the alternate link is your core feed address (there’s also a link to this in your left sidebar about half-way down). You may actually have a lot more people subscribed to your site than you think because they aren’t being measured with FeedPress.

    Untuk memperbaiki tajuk, temukan tiga baris ini:


    Dan ganti dengan ini:


    Saya hanya akan menghapus tautan umpan di bilah sisi kiri karena orang akan menemukannya dengan simbol umpan atau melalui browser.

  5. Headings are attention grabbers – not just for readers but also for Search Engines. The headings of your posts are h3 while the headings of your sidebar sections are h2. There’s a good possibility that the Search Engines are ranking you higher for the term komentar terbaru dari Hasilkan Uang dengan Iklan Konteks. You’ll need to modify your style sheet and your theme to correct these issues.
  6. You’re fibbing to me by putting a link up that says “Contact Me”. When I click on that, I’m brought to a page where I can’t contact you! Doh! I think a contact form would look perfect right in that page!
  7. Silakan menindaklanjuti pekerjaan ini dan pastikan untuk membaca yang lain Tip Blog untuk Lelang PGA, terutama yang berkaitan dengan robots.txt dan peta situs.xml. Saya yakin Anda dapat sangat meningkatkan keberadaan web dan keberadaan mesin telusur dengan kiat-kiat di pos itu!

That should keep you busy for a while! Thanks for letting me check your blog out! I don’t think a lot of people realize how much of an impact style and layout can play in Search Engine Optimization. It’s worked with my site quite a bit so I like to pass on the tips that someone taught me!

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