12 Langkah untuk Membangun Permintaan akan Agensi Baru Anda

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Minggu lalu adalah minggu yang luar biasa di Pemasaran Media Sosial Dunia di mana saya berbicara tentang topik Influencer Pemasaran. Sementara audiens sebagian besar adalah perusahaan yang mencari nasihat tentang bagaimana menerapkan strategi yang sukses, saya kembali ke rumah dan memiliki pertanyaan bagus dari salah satu peserta yang ingin tahu tentang bagaimana saya membangun pengaruh dan permintaan yang cukup untuk memulai agensi saya sendiri.

Saya ingin tahu bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan klien (yang membayar) bagi saya untuk menawarkan konsultasi dan pelatihan… dengan mengevaluasi apa yang mereka miliki saat ini, kemudian menawarkan strategi, solusi, tip dan praktik terbaik. Saya tahu bahwa blogging, buku, e-book, webinar, dan video adalah tempat yang baik untuk memulai. Di mana saya mulai menjadi seorang solo dan bagaimana saya membuat bisnis saya cukup berkembang sehingga saya dapat melakukannya secara penuh?

Jadi, apa yang saya lakukan untuk memulai agensi saya dan bagaimana saya melakukannya secara berbeda?

  1. Jaringan Anda – Your business doesn’t depend on your Klout score, the number of followers you have, or your search rankings. Ultimately, your business will succeed based on the investment you make in expanding and creating personal relationships with your physical network. That doesn’t mean that social doesn’t matter, it just means that social won’t matter until you can connect personally with those on the other end of the keyboard.
  2. Blog Niche – everyone was talking about online media at the time that I started my blog, but no one was talking specifically about the solutions available to help marketers. That was truly my love… having worked in the software as a service industry and scouring the Internet for what’s next, I had become the goto tool guy for my network. There wasn’t another blog out there so I started mine. If I could do it again, I’d even go tighter with my topic, geography, or industry focus.
  3. Komunitas – I visited, commented, promoted, shared and provided feedback to other leaders in the community. Sometimes I had all out debates with them as well, but my focus was always to add value to their presence while getting my name known out there. A great way of doing this nowadays is starting a podcast and interviewing the leaders in the industry that you’d like to work with or for.
  4. Berbicara – Digital media isn’t enough (gasp!) so you have to go press the flesh. I volunteered to speak everywhere locally and nationally. I continued to improve my speaking skills, writing skills (you may argue that) and my presentation skills. When I speak at an event, I get a ton more leads than just blogging. However, I need to keep blogging to get the speaking opportunity so it’s not one or the other. And each time I spoke, I got a little bit better than the last time. Speak everywhere and to everyone!
  5. Penargetan – There are a couple dozen companies that I want to work with and I know who they are, who I need to meet, and I develop plans on how I’m going to meet them. Sometimes it’s through a colleague with a connection on LinkedIn, sometimes I ask them directly out for coffee, and other times I ask to interview them for our podcast or invite them to write to our audience. I wouldn’t call that selling (perhaps stalking), but it is engaging with them to see if we might be a fit for their organization and vice versa.
  6. Membantu – Wherever I could, I assisted people with no expectation of getting paid. I promoted them, curated content and shared it, provided feedback, and gave everything away for free. You have to remember that while I may touch 100,000 unique visitors, listeners, viewers, lurkers, followers, fans, etc. a month… only 30 or so are actual paying customers. That means you have to build a reputation, have some case studies and drive results to some in order to get work. We’ve build a reputation around inbound marketing, measurable strategies, complex SEO for large publishers, and otoritas konten… Tetapi beberapa di antaranya dimulai hanya dengan membantu orang memperbaiki sesuatu yang bodoh di situs web mereka.
  7. Meminta – Telling everyone what you’re good at doesn’t really work to well when you’re selling. But asking everyone where they need help is a far better approach. Literally, a few minutes ago I reached out to a company that we’ve assisted whose organic traffic is 10 times what it was 4 years ago and asked to meet with them to see where else we could be of assistance. Meminta bekerja. Mendengar apa yang dihadapi prospek atau klien dan kemudian melihat apakah Anda dapat mengerjakan beberapa solusi untuk mereka adalah cara sempurna untuk masuk ke perusahaan. Mulailah dari yang kecil, buktikan diri Anda, dan kemudian Anda terlibat lebih dalam dan lebih dalam.
  8. Promosi diri – It’s icky… but necessary. If you get congratulated, shared, followed, mentioned, or anything else who you don’t know – that’s a great validation of your expertise. I’m totally unrepentant about promoting what others say about me. I don’t actively solicit everyone to do it, but if the opportunity arises and someone pays me a compliment, I may ask them to put it online.
  9. Tampil Profesional – A proper domain, email address at your domain (not @gmail), office address, professional photography, a modern logo, a beautiful website, distinct business cards… all of these aren’t just business expenses. They’re all marketing expenses and signs of trustworthiness. If I see a gmail address, I’m not sure you’re serious. If I don’t see an address and phone number, I have no idea whether you’re going to be in business next week. Getting hired is about trust and every expense that is externally viewed is an element of trust.
  10. Menulis sebuah buku – Even if the only sales you get are you and your Mom, writing a book shows that whatever the industry you’re in, you’ve thoroughly analyzed it and have built your own distinctive strategy to working in it. Before I was an author, I couldn’t get the time of day from some conferences or clients. After I was an author, people were offering to pay me to come speak with them. It seems silly, but it’s another element that you’re serious about your industry.
  11. Mulai Bisnis Anda – There’s never enough money and no better time to start a business than right now. Everyone who thinks about it thinks they need this, need that, are just waiting for one more thing, etc. Until you go out on your own and feel that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you hungry enough to go hunt – you’ll stay right where you’re at. My son was starting college and I was dead broke when I started DK New Media. Selama berminggu-minggu saya tertidur di meja saya melakukan pekerjaan serabutan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan orang-orang… dan saya belajar bagaimana mempersiapkan diri dengan lebih baik, memasarkan lebih baik, menjual lebih baik, menutup lebih baik, dan akhirnya membangun bisnis saya. Rasa sakit adalah motivator yang luar biasa untuk perubahan.
  12. Nilai – Don’t focus on what you charge or how much you make, focus on the value that you bring others. I watch some people estimate based on hours worked and go broke. I watch others charge so they rake in the bucks and they’re constantly seeking new clients. It’s not perfect, but we focus on the value we bring our clients and then set a budget that’s both affordable and worthwhile for them. Sometimes it means we make little changes that result in a lot of revenue, other times it means that we work our tails off to fix our mistakes without a dime. But when clients realize the value you bring, they don’t think about how much you cost them.

None of this, of course, predicts your success. We’ve had great years and we’ve had disastrous years – but I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Over time we’ve developed a sense of the types of clients we work well with and others that we must refer. You’re going to make some huge mistakes – just learn and move on.

Semoga ini membantu!

Tentang Kami DK New Media

DK New Media adalah agensi media baru yang berfokus pada pemasaran masuk yang gesit dengan tim pakar pemasaran dan teknologi. Dengan tim ahli omni-channel mereka di semua media digital, DK New Media has a goal of launching and revolutionizing client’s online presence to grow market share, drive leads and optimize their conversations online. DK has increased marketshare for every client they’ve worked with and is especially adept at working marketing technology companies since they have a large audience on this publication. DK New Media dengan bangga berkantor pusat di jantung kota Indianapolis.

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    Hai Doug,

    Terima kasih banyak telah meluangkan waktu untuk menulis artikel ini. Inilah yang perlu didengar oleh setiap pemilik bisnis, bahkan jika mereka baru memulai atau telah menjalankan bisnis selama bertahun-tahun. Kita semua mengalami kesulitan dan menginginkan nasihat tentang bagaimana mencapai tujuan kita. Saya sangat menikmati bagaimana Anda jujur ​​dan memberi tahu kesaksian Anda. Saya akan membagikan artikel ini dan pembaca Anda melakukannya.

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    Justin Fuller
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